Magical little setting

Setting up

Tearing off some heads

Lovely little paper curls that I ended up with – could be of use somehow in stop motion?


Since the pixilation section of the film is based on daydreaming, I tried to be a bit loose with the planning for it but the first rendition didn’t look like much except a guy that liked flowers. I redid it and rethought it after looking through loads of books on dadaism and using that aesthetic to represent daydreaming. I made a shot list as with the live action which helped a lot on the day. I found it a bit easier than directing live action as the things you are telling the actors are more straightforward and having to do with placements of their limbs as opposed to their moods. At one point it was a bit tricky so I would direct the actor’s legs while the cameraman would direct the actor’s torso and that worked out well.

To represent his head being elsewhere, I printed out the whole section, displaced his head before his body a few frames and then glued the frames back together with a satisfying tear across the middle. By punching the animation holes in the top and the bottom of the pages, it allowed me to line all the frames up afterwards.  I hope to do some more pixilation in the future..


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