Of all the sections, I most stuck to my animatic for the section of the character with anxiety. The idea was simple: have her sinking through three different levels of the ocean, with the animals around her getting progressively more intimidating. Originally, I was going to animate it with oil on glass but I when I tried it, I knew instantly it wasn’t right. It felt like I was animating with toothpaste. It didn’t fit the feeling and mood of the section. Animating it in the familiar watercolour matched the underwater theme as well as the fragility of the character. It also allowed me to play with the timing and layout much more in the edits as opposed to having to have it all figured out prior. Haemin Ko helped me out with the watercolour which was very helpful and I have learned how best to direct others at this point which is good. I tend to overcomplicate things but I realised I don’t need to overcomplicate it for others; I just need to give them enough information to best complete the bits of animation I need them to work on.

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