Scratch on Film

For the section of the film of the character who is on the phone, I thought it would be an interesting juxtaposition to have his mind animated by scratch on film. They both have a black background and seeing a scratch on film animation is usually a bit mad which mirrors the amount of stimulus we encounter via technology, albeit covered up by lots of overly designed visuals. There are no in betweens, no lining up layers, and you have a tiny amount of space to work on so the variation between frames is large by its nature. It wiggles and jumps all over the place and there is no point in fighting that otherwise might as well use another medium. I quickly realised my animatic would not work for this section and I had to simplify it more into shapes. I kept the technology theme by using the language of emoticons which are designed to be small in their nature. When I did a test, I realised that going 24/25fps would be way too fast for any kind of non abstract drawn section so I simply let myself make a series of loops that then I slowed down into threes. This allowed me to have triple the amount of material I needed (I originally had 50 feet which at 24/25 fps would be exactly the time I needed, 30 seconds). This way, the work was really done in the editing and I had lots to choose from in the editing and re-editing. It was freeing to work in this way and I am keen to try it fully abstracted on clear film, working with colours and working with the verticality of the medium.

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