Sketches/Animatic in progress

I’m finding it super challenging to do the animatic as the mediums in the film as well as the fact that the beginning and end are in live action will change the whole way it’s perceived. Animatics always don’t feel right to me as well because I find the timing changes in the final film; you always need longer if it’s a looser animation style as the audience needs more time to take in all the information that’s moving around the screen.  But I am moving forward with it, setting little daily deadlines within the weekly deadlines to keep on, despite being frustrated at (all) times. It is helping me simplify things as some things don’t read well and some things are unnecessary. When you see everything altogether, you realise how much you are trying to squeeze into a few minutes. I leave some sketches below for characters in the scratch on film section, facial expression changes for the painted on live action section, and stills from animatic.



Barbarella Psychedella

As part of a Christmas present, I saw Barbarella at Prince Charles Cinema in a night where they tried to recreate 1960s cinema going. They ran out of the snacks from the 60s so all in all a bit disappointed but it was quite cool to see the 60s advertisements and even a yogi bear cartoon before the film started. I still think it would be amazing for all cinemas to show short animated films before features.. one day hopefully (:

What struck me the most was the set design from Barbarella. The film as a whole was hilarious and so dated it was incredible (if Jane Fonda wasn’t wearing little enough outfits already, some birds or evil dolls had to peck her out of even more clothes! Of course..) but, how luscious are the fur walls..



Style frames/moodboard

To make the jump from writing and ideas onto paper, I made three style frames for my project. This is to show three of the four mediums and mental landscapes from the film (the fourth being pixilation). I did them all on different days so although there are aspects that I like of them individually, I already felt they did not hold together as a whole and maybe I needed a colour scheme to do that. Then, I recently put up a moodboard in my flat for the film using all the images I used to inspire the film and realised I had moved quite far from the original aesthetic I wanted. Now I think I will make the mental landscapes all in black and white or in black and white mixed with one colour per character (one blue character, one green character, etc.).

Character: Alice

Medium: oil on glass

Alice does not want to be there. She slinks down in her seat and once she reaches the height of the table, she ducks underneath it and goes underwater. She is swimming away, encountering haunting coral and threatening stingrays.

Character: Elisabet

Medium: acrylic on paper

Elisabet is holding a mask. All is well until it falls and breaks. In the shards, she sees a desert scene where she is just the shadow of herself, the self that we normally try to hide. She runs from cactus to cactus trying to get shade in its shadow but each cactus is just one mirage after another.

Character: Charlie

Medium: scratch on film

Charlie is happily and passively entertained by his friends, or the images of his friends he sees on three televisions he sees in their places. Then, the electricity goes out. He finds himself in a jungle where he can no longer be passively entertained; his friends are trying to get out of their TVs, the plugs slither away like snakes, and butterflies show the weak wifi signal.

Mood board showing original aesthetic. Influenced by surrealism, mixed media, shadows, natural forms, body parts, strangeness, mirrors, and masks. Alongside developing the animatic, I will work on paring back my colour schemes and overall mood to match my original intention.

Ghosts Before Breakfast / Hans Richter / 1928

I discovered this film while researching dadaism and dada films and found it quite inspiring. I love how the montage works and how although there is no direct narration, the playfulness is enough to keep your attention throughout. The mix of live action and animation/pixilation is something that I am playing with for my graduation film idea as well as the setting; I also plan to use 4 actors at a garden table.

I found these sketches from a scene in the film of a montage of shots of legs running in all directions. I like how it could seem random and spontaneous but this shows he did plan out the directions and went into the editing with the ideas already sketched out.

Interesting use of showing that this is a fantasy world – things are not obeying the rules of vision that we know.

I was also inspired by his bold use of angles in the film (shown below).