Phillip Glass

I am stuck on one section of the animation and am over thinking and over complicating it which, in a short animation, is no good. I thought to go back to the origins and read a bit of Phillip Glass’s autobiography “Words Without Music” and saw a few clips of him on youtube and think I have my answer. I also found a song that he composed from Metamorphosiss that makes me want to cry. Why? I have no idea. Powerful + beautiful stuff : )


Suspiria / 1977

In the spirit of Halloween, I saw the film Suspiria over the weekend and fell in love with the colours used as well as the soundtrack. Even though the acting isn’t amazing nor the dubbing, you forgive it instantly because it looks and sounds so beautiful. Although I never really got into set design, playing with the lights to create moods like these would be amazing. The set was like a sinister version of Wes Anderson’s Budapest Hotel. Those reds, pinks, purples mmm …:)

LACMA Inspiration

Over the summer, I had the chance to visit the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art while in California and loved it. Like the Tate here or the Museum of Modern Art in New York, you can always find something interesting going on there. Below are some favourites:

Such interesting character design from so long ago..!

I always love the colours in Frida’s work..

Text art is always interesting; maybe something to explore? In animation, the credits always allow us to play with this.

The sense of rhythm and motion in Kandinsky and Klee’s work is always inspiring.

Mixed media is super intriguing to me these days as well; as we see so many images and moving images daily, mixing media seems to be one of the few things that can still surprise us and show us something new.