when all the dogs opened their mouths and howled because there was nothing to eat

I was taking a break after animating a scene and looked through a book I got at one of the book fairs at uni called ‘Papa New Guinea Prints’ when I realised how important and powerful titles can be. This print grabbed my eye so I went to look for the title and it gave it a whole other level. It made me realise that’s the key: visuals that make people curious about the title and a title that then gives another meaning to the visual.

‘beyond my grasp’ early studies

Finally finished with presentations for Children’s Society eep! I was super impressed with all my classmates’ works and also found it interesting that even though we hadn’t seen each others animations so far, many of us included similar ideas and visual concepts… collective consciousness at work.

I made a giant moodboard in my room of inspiration which has helped immensely along the way. Whenever I was stuck or found myself using a cliche, I would look to it for ideas and it always led me along a more interesting path. I used many stills from the beautiful short film ‘Un Repas Dominical’ by Celine Devaux, some examples below. I thought it was beautifully executed and she did lovely transitions, morphing, and visual metaphors.  I looked to her for compositions and how she portrayed body language as her main character in the film also was feeling alone similar to mine in the Children’s Society animation. (link to trailer: http://www.allocine.fr/video/player_gen_cmedia=19552829&cfilm=237108.html )

I also took some inspiration from old drawings of mine I made during a time when I was doing a lot of automatic doodles. This gave me the ideas of an island as a danger, the final lonesome frame, the personified speech bubbles, and some of the designs for the props (umbrella, flowers).

Lastly I used the gifs of Will Kim as inspiration for how watercolour animation will look when finished:

Then, I finally arrived at a character and a style frame (original watercolour and inverted final look of it below):