stop motion

For the body language exercise, I was finally put in the stop motion studio which I thought would make me continue the rest of my animations in stop motion. But! It seems I have fallen for the materiality of hand drawn animation as opposed to the object based stop motion. It has taken ages just to make the models and became frustrating as days had passed and not even the models were done (I have a feeling this is what those focusing on 3D animation feel!). I had to make them look right and then also accept the law of gravity and be able to be moved while also being stable to the ground. Eep! I wasn’t feeling the rubbery look of plasticine as well so I painted them and incorporated paper to feel a bit more textured. Pictures of the process:


Lamp made using paper, tape, paint, plasticine, and a grain of wheat lights


A money tree! That’d be nice.  The real reason for this was to weigh it down while I moved the leaves and also to stick to the magnet that was placed below the set to keep it still.


So many clunky armchair attempts. I finally made the one in the set as I looked around my room frustratedly and eventually covered a little painted box from Costa Rica with paper.. aha!

Also, I recently went to the RCA Animation work in progress show with some fellow animators which was nice and inspiring. Each student created a space to showcase their work and it allowed the viewer to go into the artist’s head as they filled their spaces with test animations, collages, pictures, free writing, character designs, sculptures, sketchbook scans, reference footage, and concept art; it is similar content to what we fill these blogs with and also inspired me as how to set up my own workspace.

img_6410 img_6412 img_6414


final animation



I got carried away and although I enjoyed the process it also made me realise that these days handmade 2D animation is more what interests me than stop motion. I completed it with the furniture becoming the vehicles to show body language but that wasn’t quite what the tutors had in mind so I added a human to the scene as well.


60s counter culture march

Finally finished the walk cycle for the 60s counter culture march!

I loved immersing myself in that time period, looking through photos and listening to the music, and I could easily have just done that for weeks without creating anything but… the beauty of deadlines made me get to work. I initially began with a nudist male marcher but then changed that as it seemed like a lost opportunity to explore some colours and styles.

I looked through some of my old doodles for character ideas and found my new character in a page from a book I made last year called ‘The Doldrums’ (on the right).


I also took some ideas from fashions of the time:

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-15-21-34 screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-15-25-34

Then I animated step by step, first just her legs:


Then added her swinging arm:


Then added her marching arm:


Finally I added her hair which I animated straight ahead:


Once the line test and movement was done, I experimented with different colours in pastels until I finally found the right ones and then traced over each of the line test frames.


In the end, the final product seems quite simple even though I spent hours making decisions and editing the movements but.. that is the nature of animation I suppose : )