two contemporary stop motion animators

Costa Rica – Animales de Alquiler – Pablo Ortega – 2010

Synopsis: By the year 2078, all animal species from the rainforest had become extinct. Only genetic samples of such species remained, stored and patented by big commercial labs. Aiming at preserving this genetic material near its natural habitat, these labs created a controversial project implanting such genes in the bodies of citizens who were willing to be host organisms in exchange of a package of social benefits. The animation shows, documentary-style, interviews with such hybrid citizens (a Sloth, a Tapir, a forest Frog and a Glyptodon) as they tell the ups and downs of their experiences with the project. (Fundodo via IMDB)


US – Eager – Allison Schulnik – 2014

Synopsis: A rhythmic ritual is performed by a bizarre ensemble of macabre figures. (Short of the Week)